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streaming unit New Zealand streaming unit New Zealand
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1st Choice Internet Media Streaming for Home Entertainment
streaming unit New Zealand streaming unit New Zealand
More than 33,000 delighted users and growing!

streaming unit New Zealand
Install a Streamsmart internet media player box for streaming channels wirelessly to your television or home theater, includes all sports channels, documentaries, movies, and TV shows. Cancel satellite TV and other subscriptions! Technical support online 24/7 with the Facebook Group.

Streamsmart internet media players connected to an internet modem stream programmes to New Zealand and Australian televisions from thousands of channels worldwide.

Install Streamsmart and cancel your satellite TV pay-to-view subscription now. Calculate your potential savings below.

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Our Streamsmart Internet Media Player Models
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Streamsmart S4 Plus internet media streaming
Streamsmart S4 Plus only $480
Streamsmart stire Streamsmart Pro 4K internet media streaming
Streamsmart Pro 4K only $625
 worldwide TV channels  worldwide TV channels

Satellite TV home entertainment is waning!
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Subscriptions are constantly increasing.
satellite waning TV home entertainment live streaming is arising!
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No subscriptions - No Licence fees - No hiddens

streamsmart one payment
Streamsmart is top of the media players range with high quality, consistency, reliability, content and support for a one-time only purchase.

The Streamsmart media player automatically enrols you as a life-time subscriber to more than 6 Premuim Channels that includes all sports. There is also all past and present TV show channels plus hundreds of kids entertainment channels.

Streamsmart gives you access to all your favorite content with no monthly fees. After the one-time purchase of the Streamsmart Media Player, you can cancel high monthly satellite and Netflix subscriptions for good.

Comparing Streamsmart with other media players is like the differenc between a 1990's Skoda and 2016 Rolls Royce cars. Streamsmart is the Rolls Royce!

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lifetime subscriptions
Your purchase gives a lifetime of usage because there are:
* NO ongoing subscriptions!
* NO ongoing monthly fees!
* NO ongoing licences!

Furthermore, there is a dedicated Streamsmart team constantly updating to ensure you have the latest entertainment at no cost.

Updating of Streamsmart by you is not required other than when the team advises you to run the Wizard or do an Over the Air [OTA] update. All other budget box media players require updating manually.

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lifetime subscriptions Streamsmart is easily setup in minutes and you will be streaming all your favorites in no time! It is as simple as one, two, three...
1.] Insert batteries in remote control.
2.] Connect to a power source and plug lead into Streamsmart.
3.] Connect Streamsmart to your TV with an HDMI cable and turn on using remote control.
4.] Using TV remote, select HDMI connection for Streamsmart.
5.] Adjust on-screen settings for date/time zone & screen size.
6.] Return to Home page & select Media Player.
7.] Follow instructions for installing add-ons
8.] You are in charge, watch what you want to watch whenever you want watch.

Online support includes a Setup Video.

Those in the 55+ age group are the most avid users of media players to legitimately watch on the premium channels what they want to watch, when they want to watch.

Great savings for those folk.

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lifetime support Streamsmart provides what no the media player does, 24/7 online support. A must-do is joining the Facebook Streamsmart support group to stay current with the latest news and updates. It is also the place where you can ask questions and see what other users are talking about, this includes troubleshooting.

There is also the Users Forum where questions are also asked and amswered.

Numerous videos are accessible in Streamsmart that cover everything one would want to know.

So as to understand the set up, it is recommended users visit the website then go to the support Videos section and watch our "Connecting your Streamsmart", "Kodi at a Glance", and "OTA Update". The videos can also be viewed on Streamsmart, the link is in the All Add On's.

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lifetime support StreamSmart internet media players are highly optimized computers that allow streaming of content rather than download content. Since a user never has an appreciable amount of the content at any given time, they never violate any copyright or ownership of what is being viewed. For this reason a hard drive is not built into the StreamSmart devices.

Simply stated, ownership is the law - downloading is illegal. Streaming from the internet is not illegal.

StreamSmart will always be legal as long as the Internet stays legal. A StreamSmart media player does not host, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind and acts only as an index of media which is hosted by third parties on the Internet.

StreamSmart does not condone pirating or any downloading of media to the device, it is prohibited. The media is streamed to a TV but never stored, retained, or downloaded.

Being aware of anti-competitive conduct, any person alleging that a Streamsmart internet media player is illegal must proffer the relevant Statute Act, Section and Clause[s] that substantiates such allegation.
One Time Purchase Lifetime Use Easy Setup Support Streamsmart Legal?
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BONUS: Includes Premium pay-to-view channels lifetime registration ~ Valued at $100 plus!!
The premium channels are the same as provided by pay-to-view vendors, but with Streamsmart you get hundreds more. Enjoy livestreaming on your TV without paying monthly subscriptions. Free access to channels streaming sports, movies, kids channels, documentaries, educational programmes and much more. Also apps to access Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and much more with STREAMSMART. Also constant updating of your STREAMSMART and 24/7 support online via web browser and Facebook.
Now is the time to streamsmart!
People switching to STREAMSMART, the highest standard in streaming media players, are making significant monthly savings by cancelling pay-to-view subscriptions.

savings streamsmart savings streamsmart
Redirect your savings to repayment of home mortgage or student loan.
Deposit in retirement plan, holiday plan, new car.....

View Streamsmart store!     savings streamsmart

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streamsmart New Zealand

live streaming unit New Zealand live streaming unit New Zealand
Streamsmart S4 Plus
with remote control
Streamsmart S4 Plus Combo
with remote control & keyboard remote
Streamsmart Pro Streamsmart Pro combo
Streamsmart Pro
with remote control
Streamsmart Pro Combo
with remote control & keyboard remote
live streaming unit New Zealand
Streamsmart Keyboard Remote

About Streamsmart streaming programs FREE to your TV.

Streamsmart is a device that streams channel programs from your internet/router modem to your TV, FREE!
streamsmart New Zealand

The 1.5v device is powered from a 240v mains power source and connected to your TV with an HDMI cable. This enables live streaming via your internet connection to the TV without paying any other subscription or fees.

There is also port for ethernet connection to a modem/router, known as hard wiring.
Once connected, Streamsmart is simply setup using the supplied remote control and the installed Wizard.

Also, there are specific videos online that show how to set up the Streamsmart, you are not left alone to figure things out. No other streaming device provides such magnificent service!

The Apps feature enables users to set up and access any app as on mobile phones and tablets. The Streamsmart custom installed apps include Browser, Google Settings, Play Store, File Manager, TV App Store, and YouTube.streamsmart New Zealand
Users can install any app they wish with Play Store. The internet is accessed through the Browser where Facebook and all other web sites can be accessed.
When connected, channels from around the world are accessed through Streamsmart using the supplied remote control, there are numerous add-ons from which you can watch when you want to watch. No need for downloads because you can save programs to favourites on the remote control menu.
streamsmart New Zealand

Cancel satellite subscriptions! Streamsmart accesses as much as, and more than, what satellite services are providing. Save money!

With your purchase you are subscribed for a lifetime to Premium Channels that allows you legally view the streaming content that includes SKY channels. The subscription has a value of over $100! All content is streamed from international Servers all over the world. The user (you) are simply accessing one of these sources (Servers) to play the content from countries that permit it.

streamsmart New Zealand You join the Facebook Support Group where all the help needed is supported online 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week! A response within 30 minutes is typical.

Also, there are numerous videos online to assist with troubleshooting as well as an online browser user group. No other streaming device provides such magnificent support!
Think about the savings if you are subscribed to pay-to-view such as SKY TV or NETFLIX.
streamsmart New Zealand
Cancel the subscription and add the amount to your home mortgage repayments! The long term financial benefits are enormous over a home mortgage lifetime.

The comparison between other devices and Streamsmart is like the difference between a 2016 Rolls Royce car and a 1990's Skoda car. It's all very simple comparing other streaming devices, you get exactly what you pay for!

livestreaming unit New Zealand live streamingunit New Zealand livestreaming unit New Zealand
livestreaming sports New Zealand livestreaming movies New Zealand livestreaming movies New Zealand
On-demand Shows
Watch the latest TV shows without the need for Netflix or expensive systems
Latest Movies
Skip the movie theater! Stream the latest movies from the comfort of your home!
Extended Warranty
The only streaming device with TRUE customer service built-in with your purchase! Buy Now!

New Zealand's favorite media player ~ Streaming High Definition

Streamsmart is a smart TV connection box that streams in HD [High Definition] with no monthly fees or contracts. The Streamsmart receiver gives users access to movies, TV shows, live sports, live streams of your favorite TV channels, and 3D movies all in HD!

Streaming Channels Access

Streamsmart users are automatically registered with premium channels that cost others up to $80 or more a month in subscriptions to access on other boxes and streaming sources.

Streamsmart offers the best way to bring the best content right in to your home TV, an internet connection is all that is needed. Full 1080p content is streamed straight to connected TV's.
live streaming unit New Zealand

Live Streaming in New Zealand ~ TV On-demand

Live streaming is now boomimg in New Zealand with the old saying "content is king," and the Streamsmart devices have tons of content to explore. Streamsmart is king of TV on-demand, with no advertisements!

Live Streaming New Zealand's core function is reselling of Streamsmart devices and accessories in New Zealand and facilitating customer support. Located in Hamilton, the devices are available to anyone, anywhere in New Zealand. Your online purchase will be courier-despatched within 48 hours, the only condition being that the right for back-orders is reserved if we are out of stock. Shipments are received regularly but high demand does affect stock levels.

Streamsmart's Biggest Advantages

Streamsmart's biggest advantage over other media boxes is its content. Utilizing Kodi Media Center, users have unlimited access to thousands of channels that stream movies, shows, music and live TV. Everything from the latest episode of Game of Thrones to older films like The Godfather can be found within these channels in full HD.

Cost savings another sigificant advantage through no ongoing subscription, licence, renewal or support fees!

TRAVEL with Streamsmart anywhere.
The Streamsmart box is small enough to fit into a handbag. It will plug into any internet modem and TV. Pack an ethernet cable as a backup for hardwiring. Note that North America, continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia all use different electrical plug shapes therefore a universal adaptor should also be packed.

Do an Internet Speed Test for your connection. TEST
An average speed of 20mbps is recommended but, lesser speeds can also work effectively when an ethernet cable is fitted to the Streamsmart receiver and modem/router.

Features Benefits
12 Month Warrnty All products are sold with a 12-month warranty. You contact your reseller if there are faults.
All TV series and Movies on Demand. Watch whatever you want to watch, when you want to watch it! No more waiting on programme schedules! Unit fits easily into a handbag!
Sports Live Settings for hundreds of live sporting events internationally, includine New Zealand rugby, cricket, NRL, and UK Football.
For the Kids! Live cartoon channels, YouTube, web browser, international, documentary and educational channels.
Built-in Apps YouTube, Netflix and more, all built-in.
How-to-Use Support All units have pre-installed checked and customised. You plug the unit in to a power source, cable it to the TV, and enjoy learning how to use it! Support is provided through a dedicated website and Facebook Group. The website has video turorials.
Wifi or Network Connection Connects to Wifi anywhere in the world, and can be taken anywhere internationally. There is also a port for ethernet connection, known as hard wiring.
Streamsmart S4 Plus
Streaming Unit Options ~ Streamsmart S4 Plus
~ Streamsmart Pro
Combo Available Streaming box unit with remote control and a remote keyboard.
Warranty All streaming box units and accessories have a 12-month warranty.

FREE courier delivery within New Zealand! live streaming unit New Zealand